ZIEGE Game Editor

ZIEGE is short for Zielgruppenorientierter Internetbasierter Educational Game Editor. You don't need to know what that means, you just need to know that it's a educational tool in the form of a web-based game editor for kids. I was in charge of the user interface, which had to be easy to use even for kids and be visually appealing to both kids and adults. The briefing was pretty much just 'flat design', so with that in mind I started making some mockups which ended up being used as the final design, but not without some tweaks here and there of course. There was a lot of discussion on even the smallest parts of the interface to ensure that the kids would pick up on the editor quickly. In the end we were quite happy with the work we did. Check it out on www.game-editor.at!

The project consists of a web portal that showcases the users games, along with comments and ratings, and a game editor with a couple of game graphics which I made as well. There's also a not-yet published behavior editor, which will be great for easily implementing fresh and unique game mechanics. A lot of potential there!

Project Details

Date: 2014

Author: Nico Harather, ZIEGE Team

Categories: User Interface, Educational

Website: www.game-editor.at

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