SiGame is a new and fun way to learn a sign language. It is an Android and iOS app that's comprised of some games, a dictionary, a shop and a vocabulary trainer. You can connect to Facebook and challenge other players to beat your score and if you're fluent with the basic word package, you can buy some more in the shop. Get it for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

I have been working on it for about two years with my friends at arx anima and faced a couple of challenges that taught me a lot about coding, workflow and big projects in general. SiGame is based on the V-Play Game Engine which uses QML and JavaScript and allowed us to have one codebase for Android and iOS. I was the only programmer on the team and in charge of almost every technical aspect, including but not limited to: database design, app architecture, tools programming, localization, synchronization and some game design. There were some struggles here and there, but the super-friendly guys at V-Play helped with every problem I faced. Great support!

Project Details

Date: 2014

Author: Nico Harather, arx anima, V-Play, equalizent, IBM

Categories: App Development, Game Design


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