Dude Hit Space To Play?!

This is a fun little competitive 2-player game that was developed during the 36 hours of Hagenberg Game Jam 2011 (“Dude, Where's My Super Powers?!”). It got some attention at the NEXTCOMIC Festival in Linz and even made it into a TV documentary about comics.

The game runs on Unity and all of the code was written in C#. I was responsible for the art style, all assets and part of the game design.


Two super heroes get into a fight over a half-eaten taco and get sent to space, tied together by an energy band. Now they must fight in order to survive, but who will prevail, Red or Blue?

Project Details

Date: 2011

Authors: Bernhard Handler, Nico Harather, Gernot Raudner

Categories: Illustration, Game Art, Game Design

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