Hello! I'm Nico.

I like graphic design, programming and game development.

Check out some of my work below


I love coding, there's nothing like being in that concentrated state of mind that let's you hack away for hours on end and walk away with a big smile on your face. I've been working with JavaScript and QML on a serious game for the last 2 years. Before that, I wrote my master project and a couple of other projects in Java. I also like C#, especially when used with Unity. There's been some PHP, Python, Perl, Visual Basic and Brainfuck along the way, though my roots are in web design and development (although nobody would call it that when I started).


Graphic design is my second passion, I started out making small bits like banners and buttons, eventually drifted towards web design, followed by skinning media players, then got into UI Design and finally arrived at illustrations. I am also very much into skeuomorphism but the flat design approach is to my liking as well. So that means that both, Photoshop and Illustrator, have been two of my closest friends over the past 10 years and we did a lot of fun stuff together.


I'm also passionate about game design and development. Sometimes my friends at Radiated Pixel and I make small games and occasionally we like to participate in game jams. Creating games is just such a satisfying experience because the development process is never straightforward, you are constantly trying new things, you fail, try something else, fail again and end up with something entirely different than you thought it would. But it's fun and you get to call it a game.

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Nico Harather, MSc.
Karl-Wiser-Stra├če 1
4020 Linz

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Let's have a chat via facebook or my (rarely updated and kind of neglected) tumblr. Of course, if you like the old school way, you can also send me electronic mail.